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Hey all you visual learners! (I bet this was the first button you clicked on this site.)

For your viewing pleasure, I've included a visual representation of the mostly visual learning styles of the students in my EDUI 6703 class at Cal State Hayward. The styles are based on the DVC Online Style Survey, created by Catherine Jester at Diablo Valley College.

Note: Scores are listed next to some names -- they are not ages :)

Catherine Jester, is a Learning Disability Specialist.

In a sense, we all suffer from some form of disability when you consider that we all learn best a certain way, and NOT very well in other ways. When we are forced to use learning styles that "rub against our own grain," it is not unlike a person with a legal disability being forced to learn in a way that compromises their learning. In the spirit of making adjustments to web pages to bring them in line with ADA and W3C specifications, teachers should adjust teaching styles to better match the diversity of learning styles of their students -- providing a greater variety of learning opportunities.

Visual learners will also appreciate the following links:

Sign Language Dictionary Online:
Fingerspelling Practice:
Knot Tying:

Some demonstrations require the Shockwave "plug-in" for Netscape and Internet Explorer browsers. It lets you interact with animations directly online. To download a free copy of Shockwave from Macromedia click here:
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