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Visual Courses:

Introduction to the Visual Arts

Offered through Northern Illinois University, this class is designed to utilize the World Wide Web to expand your learning opportunities beyond the walls of a classroom or museum. It includes several click-able thumbnail graphics that expand into full screen images of paintings that are analyzed for its visual elements, principles of design, subject matter/style and in terms of its historical context. A nice course for the visually inclined.


Software Design in the Arts II

In this course offered through the College of Fine Arts at Illinois State University, Drs. David B. Williams and Joseph Bernert Instructors help students to express multimedia and arts information in Internet form (e.g., Web documents, audio files, graphic files, and animation). Project assignments are organized in the form of "etudes" and "themes" as in music. Etudes are composed of web page templates, demonstration web sites, links to real sites on the web and various tutorials and readings. Themes are musical: rock, classical, pop, folk, musical theatre, or anything else that a student knows.


Astronomy HyperText Animation Resource

Although not exactly a course, the animations made possible through the Electronic Universe Project at the University of Oregon are quite interesting, especially if you like astronomy. Several resources animate key concepts. Animation is done in MPEG and there is sound narration. While the various resources are all works in progress, there are some lecture notes and videos you can watch. If you’re patient you can see a short 1.2Mb video on the Andromeda galaxy.


A. Pentura, Art Detective

This is one of the most unique sites I found during my research. Aimed at children, the class teaches art history by comparing an unknown painting to works by several masters. Students learn to differentiate styles and periods throughout art history.
(Link shared by Jim Formosa)


American History 102

The second site I found for visual learners is American History 102, taught by Stanley Schultz at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Given this institutions substantial history in distance education, it should come as no surprise that it is as well done as it is. This course includes video tapes of all lectures as well as a significant and well-done Web presence. The lectures are available on video tape as well as on CD.
(Link shared by Jim Formosa)

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