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Read/Write Courses:

The End of the World: Myth, Prophecy, or Fantasy?

This course explores in both historical and contemporary context, the patterns of "apocalyptic" religious belief concerning the end of the world. Particular emphasis is placed on contemporary religious trends and groups that exemplify the phenomenon of "millennial fever" as we approach the year 2000. Readings involve both major scholarly writings and pop cultural documents. There are several interesting texts and web pages included in the reading. All assignments are submitted via email to BOTH of the instructors email addresses (for redundancy).


Introduction to Ancient Greece

Taught by Donna Wilson through the University of Texas, this course surveys the development and achievements of Greek culture from the Mycenaean palace civilization in the Bronze Age to the end of the Classical period in the 4th century BCE. Topics include literature, visual arts, philosophical speculation, political and social history. The primary concentration is on reading works of several major Greek poets and prose authors. This should appeal to verbal (read/write) learners with an interest in this topic.


Composition Course

This is a unique course for me. I have no experience in reviewing composition courses. This course teaches student the thought processes that underlie the field of composition writing. I particularly like the "feel" of this course. Unfortunately, it is a demo and you cannot see the entire course. You can, however, see enough to understand how it works.
(Link shared by Jim Formosa)


OnLine Communications Education

This is one of the most extensive courses I have ever encountered in terms of hyperlinks. As might be expected from such an extensive course, I did encounter several bad links. In spite of the bad links, this course contains a wealth of information for persons designing courses for Web-based instruction. I highly recommend that you take the time to take a look at this course and its many links.
(Link shared by Jim Formosa)

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