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Kinesthetic Courses:

Kinesiology 3310

This course explores age-related changes in motor behavior, skill performance, perceptual-motor abilities, and physical fitness. It should appeal to anyone interested in motor behavior as it relates to kinesiology, physical education, developmental psychology, elementary education, early childhood education, special education, and gerontology. Current and potential parents and grandparents will also find the course relevant. The hands-on lab work should appeal to the kinesthetic learner. I especially liked the links outlining successful characteristics of an online student which include an online self-assessment.


Directing 1

By Terry John Converse, Washington State University. This course is taught in a workshop format, covering principles, procedures, and practices of stage direction. It begins with a non-verbal approach to composition and movement study, and progresses to more formal text work, culminating in the direction of a ten-minute play for public performance. It is open for enrollment this fall and should be appealing for the kinesthetic learner interested in state direction.


Software Design in The Arts II

This course is taught by David B.Williams and Joseph Bernert at Illinois Sate University. It contains lab tutorials covering the use of various graphic devices such as cameras. Each of the labs contains images of what the student will see when using the devices as well as instructions. The students use the lab tutorials to complete tasks that are then submitted for grading. This course also uses Real Video to deliver lectures. Unfortunately, you cannot get to the lectures as a guest.
(Link shared by Jim Formosa)


Computer Graphic Lab

This course won the 1996 ACM SEIVCCS award for the best educational site in graphical design. There are twelve labs on this site that require students to use various software packages to develop multimedia and animations. In addition to instruction, the site also contains many examples of work from prior students.
(Link shared by Jim Formosa)


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