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Aural Courses:

West Virginia University Music 29

Music 29 is a 3 semester credit hour course that teaches reading and writing instrumental music. Students compose a minimum of 40 lead sheets using Band-In-A-Box® v. 6.0 or higher, computer software that arranges and plays lead sheets over MIDI with piano, bass, drums, and additional instrumental sounds, and saves and prints the lead sheets upon request. Students e-mail the completed exercises to the instructor with questions. The instructor e-mails answers and corrections to the students.


The French Page

Explore French history and civilization, while reading AND LISTENING to lessons entirely given in French. A great way to practice your own French reading, listening and pronunciation skills.


A. Pentura, Art Detective

"This is one of the most unique sites I found during my research. Aimed at children, the class teaches art history by comparing an unknown painting to works by several masters. Students learn to differentiate styles and periods throughout art history."
(Link shared by Jim Formosa)


American History 102

Another site I found for visual learners is American History 102, taught by Stanley Schultz at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Given this institution's substantial history in distance education, it should come as no surprise that it is as well done as it is. This course includes video tapes of all lectures as well as a significant and well-done Web presence. The lectures are available on video tape as well as on CD. 
(Link shared by Jim Formosa)


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